Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fresh Batch of Pillows from the Lab!

It all begins with a ride into the fabulous Atlantis (Atl.)!!!! To meet with the purveyors at B.D. Jeffries! Debbie and I spend hours playing in a sea of vintage fabrics and trims, that never seem to end, just to see which fabric has a story to tell this time!

 It was the Imported,vintage, hand quilted sari panels that  made the cut. Each one is very unique in its own way, with  bold, yet muted shades of purple, hot pink, vintage gold and grey. 

Just a little math to do and details to discuss and the Pillows are ready to hit the workroom table!

Last step is quality control and all pillows can be delivered!

This lovely design was bordered in a dark gray linen!

Designing  a pillow is just the beginning . I really feel each pillow has its own personality and must be crafted with that in mind!

Pillows have been delivered and, displayed very lovely, I might add!  On sale now at B. D.Jeffries.

Now all is well in pillow land ! Until next time!
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  1. Beautiful work, Donna! What a remarkable gift you have!