Monday, July 25, 2011

National Black Arts Festival (A Treasure Chest of Culture and Art)

 Textile Inspirations were in abundance, from the brown,gold, and taupe earth tones colors of the mud cloth,  or the intricate details in the Kuba cloth patterns.


The NBAF typically presents the work of artists from the U.S., Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. 

This artist had no arms and created his art with his feet and his mouth!

My Favorite find of all!! A pair of  BENIN, BRONZE LEOPARDS, Nigeria 

(asking price $25,000 for the pair)
The extraordinary bronzes of the Benin kingdom in what is now Nigeria exhibit a virtuosity and sophistication of style that has astonished the Western world since they were visited in the 15th Century. Their work was brought to Europe following a punitive expedition by the British in 1897, causing a great sensation. The people of Benin, called Bini, are descended from the Ife, also known for their remarkable bronzes. Almost all Benin art was created to honor the king , or Oba, who has reigned, with his ancestors, from the 15th century. Styles have changed over the years. Although similar to many older works, these are all 20th C. pieces. Each is still sculpted by hand, then cast in bronze by the lost wax process.

All in all we had a blast and the whole family cant wait for next year!
Soon I will share what I made with fabrics from the festival! Stay tuned!

To Find out more about the National Black Arts Festival follow this link

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fresh Batch of Pillows from the Lab!

It all begins with a ride into the fabulous Atlantis (Atl.)!!!! To meet with the purveyors at B.D. Jeffries! Debbie and I spend hours playing in a sea of vintage fabrics and trims, that never seem to end, just to see which fabric has a story to tell this time!

 It was the Imported,vintage, hand quilted sari panels that  made the cut. Each one is very unique in its own way, with  bold, yet muted shades of purple, hot pink, vintage gold and grey. 

Just a little math to do and details to discuss and the Pillows are ready to hit the workroom table!

Last step is quality control and all pillows can be delivered!

This lovely design was bordered in a dark gray linen!

Designing  a pillow is just the beginning . I really feel each pillow has its own personality and must be crafted with that in mind!

Pillows have been delivered and, displayed very lovely, I might add!  On sale now at B. D.Jeffries.

Now all is well in pillow land ! Until next time!
Make Sure to check out all of the other unique gift ideas at B.D.Jeffries on Roswell rd, Atlanta.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Urban Drapery Company Latest projects Watch tonight on USA network

Make sure to check out our work (The Urban Drapery Company) Tonight on the premiere of Neccesary Roughness Series on USA network @ 10 pm!!! Drapery , Pillows, roman shades, sheers oh my!!!! My favorite rooms was the Therapy office and Living Room!!! I'm so excited !!!
Also look for upcoming Feature film " American Pie Reunion". We did all of the houses in the entire production too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

YELL FIRE! « Urban Now

I am in awe over these beautiful fire creations from Urban Now!
Urban Now is a design build/fabrication firm and their Fire creations are breathtaking!!

Read more.........

Floating fire table

Curved Fire wall

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather

So there is a running joke in my workroom that I am a "Modern Day Cinderella"! I've been told that when I go to sleep at night , the birds in my yard sew up all of our projects!!!!  LOL

Since I have found this passion for bird watching it has been the topic of most jokes with everyone, and for some fabulous reason I have families of birds springing up all over my home!! So I though I would share!

My youngest daughter Iyana has fallen in love with bird watching as well. We are amazed at the details of the birds homes that they leave behind after the babies fly away !  My daughter pointed out to me that, " some designers have wings"!

One must admire the detailing of every twing and pine needle!

Now you know I've got to have a bird pillow and I found this lovely linen fabric, embroidered with a silk threads in a  bird and stem pattern! (Lewis &Sheron)

This is the birdhouse that I designed  and  made 7 years ago for the birds that would one day live here, but every time I see a new nest appears I realize, "The Most High" is the Designer and we are all merely the architects in which he expresses himself through!

Here's our latest addition to our home! Baby birds!!!
We will keep you posted!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walking Through Life Visions

I found myself Walking through my Dreams! This year I have had the joy of working on 2 feature films and 1 cable network series with Hollywood Designers from interior design concept to completion. Creating everything from drapery to pillows to cushions and roman shades, etc.
 While on the set of one of the productions at Screen Gems Studios, my spirit quickened and reminded me of a the very day that God gave me the vision that I would be on set with CAD drawings of the floor plans under my arm, and a hardhat and tape measure in my hand.  So Happy, It nearly brought me to tears!!!
It truely shows me that all our lifes desires and goals are truely there waiting for us to step into our destiny!!!
Look for our work in "Necessary Roughness" On USA network, and  Feature film'"American Pie Reunion"