Friday, June 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather

So there is a running joke in my workroom that I am a "Modern Day Cinderella"! I've been told that when I go to sleep at night , the birds in my yard sew up all of our projects!!!!  LOL

Since I have found this passion for bird watching it has been the topic of most jokes with everyone, and for some fabulous reason I have families of birds springing up all over my home!! So I though I would share!

My youngest daughter Iyana has fallen in love with bird watching as well. We are amazed at the details of the birds homes that they leave behind after the babies fly away !  My daughter pointed out to me that, " some designers have wings"!

One must admire the detailing of every twing and pine needle!

Now you know I've got to have a bird pillow and I found this lovely linen fabric, embroidered with a silk threads in a  bird and stem pattern! (Lewis &Sheron)

This is the birdhouse that I designed  and  made 7 years ago for the birds that would one day live here, but every time I see a new nest appears I realize, "The Most High" is the Designer and we are all merely the architects in which he expresses himself through!

Here's our latest addition to our home! Baby birds!!!
We will keep you posted!!!!


  1. This is wonderful, and I love nature; birds too. We've had some of those "nestings" and I think one of the more interesting sightings happened and then the mama bird casually walked into my mom's house and had us in a bit of a funny uproar.. Now, I wake to the voices of Doves - Mourning Doves that situate around the area of my porch.. their song and their presence is really beautiful. I love what you've shared here - lovely!

  2. Thank you Chana! Your response means so much! love Ya Love ya!!!!!