Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walking Through Life Visions

I found myself Walking through my Dreams! This year I have had the joy of working on 2 feature films and 1 cable network series with Hollywood Designers from interior design concept to completion. Creating everything from drapery to pillows to cushions and roman shades, etc.
 While on the set of one of the productions at Screen Gems Studios, my spirit quickened and reminded me of a the very day that God gave me the vision that I would be on set with CAD drawings of the floor plans under my arm, and a hardhat and tape measure in my hand.  So Happy, It nearly brought me to tears!!!
It truely shows me that all our lifes desires and goals are truely there waiting for us to step into our destiny!!!
Look for our work in "Necessary Roughness" On USA network, and  Feature film'"American Pie Reunion"

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